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Red Bull Academy Is Hosting A “Virtual Reality” Exhibition In Old Montreal

An immersive experience you'll enjoy at DHC/ART.
Red Bull Academy Is Hosting A “Virtual Reality” Exhibition In Old Montreal

Montreal really is THE place to be when it comes to creative innovation. Hosting everything from Pokemon Go festivals to gigantic international tech conferences, this is a city tapped into the cutting edge of digital arts and culture.

Thanks to a collaborative project between the Phi Centre and Red Bull Music Academy, we’re being treated to another unique experience created by legendary musician Björk at DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art.

Running from October 15 – November 12,the North American premiere of Björk Digital is an all-encompassing virtual reality event blending cinema, immersive technology and Bjork’s idiosyncratic style.

Photo cred - Phi Centre

An Icelandic megastar, Björk has been sharing her eclectictalents with the world for decades and fans will not want to miss this chance to get up close and personal with her work. A multi-faceted project with numerous contributors, Björk Digital is an amazingly intimate virtual reality art show featuring treats such as Stonemilker - a 360° film in which Björk performs her song of the same name.

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Really dive in with Jesse Kanda’s Mouth Mantra VR, a wonderfully weird exploration of Björk’s actual, literal mouth. Black Lake, another film by Huang, is a haunting and emotional joint project with Björk, originally installed in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and brought to us by the Phi Centre in virtual reality format for the very first time.

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Paired with an app for maximum audience interaction, the section of the exhibit titled Biophilia will examine Björk’s album of the same name, giving you the opportunity to get your head inside one of the most critically acclaimed albums of this century. And check out more of Björk’s ever-intriguing work in the Cinema room, a rotating presentation of her music videos guaranteed to feature plenty of fan favourites.

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The Phi Centre is staking its claim in the city as a home of radical approaches to art and ideas and Björk Digital is bound to put it on the map even further. With a whole variety of immersive programming from world-renowned directors, this exhibition is sure to sell out fast, so grab a ticket while you can.

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If you’re at all interested in music, art, pop culture, virtual reality or just plain old entertainment, Björk Digital promises to be one of the most exciting events of 2016. Opportunities to connect with a massive cultural influence like Björk don’t come round every day, so it’s worth investing in cut-price presale tickets ($15 for adults and $10 for students), available until September 30.

Whether you’re a Björk-lover or not,Björk Digital is certain to keep people talking for months to come, so make sure to check it out for yourself!

Get tickets for Björk Digital via the Phi Centre and DHC/ART websites, and add it to your calendar by attending the Facebook Event.