"Red Velvet" Coffee Is Now Something You Can Drink In The Morning

Just when you thought coffee could not get more amazing.
"Red Velvet" Coffee Is Now Something You Can Drink In The Morning

Photo cred - Bohemian Romance

Comforting or incredibly caffeinated, that's the choice most of us coffee drinkers go through every morning when choosing our first brew of the day. Is it a Starbucks kind of day, where you get an overly sweet but oh-so-delicious flavoured latte, or is it a no frills/get down to business morning where all you want is straight espresso or black coffee. With Red Velvet coffee you get both.

Created by World Market, the Red Velvet ground coffee is exactly what it sounds like: a coffee bean blend infused with the flavour of everyone's favourite crimson cupcake. According to the product description, not only will you taste rich cocoa undertones, but you'll also get hints of the cream cheese icing synonymous with Red Velvet desserts.

A bag of Red Velvet coffee only costs about $10, and you can order some for yourself here. Not a crazy amount for a strangely special coffee. We'd be willing to pay a bit more, just for the chance to pair the coffee with a true Red Velvet cupcake, or cake, or waffle, or any of Montreal's amazing Red Velvet creations.

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