Reddit's Best FoodHacks Will Incite A Culinary Enlightenment

Reddit is rife with some of the best tips and tricks the internet has to offer. The world of food is not outside of reddit's reach, as r/foodhacks offers some of the best ways to get the most out of your meals and food products. Rather than comb the threads, here's MTL Blog's choice list of Reddit's best foodhacks.

Ultra Easy Cheese Sticks

In a few easy steps, and with only three ingredients (white bread, cheese slices, bread crumbs), this pic-by-pic guide will show you how to make affordable and tasty cheese sticks

The Fast Food Coaster

Who says fast food can't be fancy? Apparently fountain drink lids are multi-purpose, and are inherently meant to guard tables against the horrors of water rings. Keep it in mind the next time you mack on McD's on your oak dining table (if that ever happens).

Taco Balancing

We've all been here. Packing a taco can be such a struggle when you need one hand to pack and the other to hold balance. The solution? A fork.

The Best Way to Empty a Pomegranate

As delicious as pomegranates are, sometimes they aren't worth the hassle of picking out the oh-so-many seeds. Watch below for a simple, yet masterful, cutting technique which will have you swimming in pomegranate seeds in no time flat.

A Step By Step Guide to Making an 8+ Layer Sandwich

Start with hollowing out a loaf of bread, then fill it with generous layers of meat, sauted veggies, and cheese. Close it up, apply lots of pressure, then pop it in the oven for a sandwich of epic proportions. Check out the full image guide here.

The world of Reddit never sleeps, and niether does our hunger, so look forward to more insane foodhacks to stupify your stomachs!

As always, if ya got any personal foodhacks let us know in the comments below