Rent Out An STM Metro Car For A Private Party?

Because there ain't no party like a metro party.
Rent Out An STM Metro Car For A Private Party?

Photo cred - benjam1n

There's no question this city knows how to party, any time and any place, hosting some of the wildest events in the world in some of the most interesting of locales. We've seen raves on the top of Mount Royal, massive block-parties in Montreal alleyways, immersive 360-degree visual experiences held in the 42' Satosphere dome, and too many rooftop affairs to count. So why not celebrate the good times in a Montreal metro car? I mean, some nights, they are already anyway, how about throwing an official party with all your friends in one of our iconic blue boxes on wheels without being worried about disturbing the peace? Gives a whole new meaning to the underground scene.

Awesome idea, right? Well we can't unfortunately claim it as our own as the city of Chicago is already renting out its 'L' trains for the specific use of hosting a party. True story. Depending on the size and length of your event, you can charter a CTA train for about $1,800 to throw your own parties. Sounds kinda pricey, but provide food, decorations, battery operated sound systems/live music, and you could charge a small cover for what would be one of the coolest events in the city. Plus, no one has to worry about being the designated driver, since you'll already be on the metro!

Okay, Chicago's Rail Operations does stipulate that only non-alcoholic beverages are allowed, but we'd like to believe that Montreal would be slightly more lenient, with proper pre-cautions put in place obvs. And of course, cars would only be available at off-peak hours, so no early-morning weekday raves or rowdy 5a7's unfortunately, but the yellow line, say on a Sunday afternoon, while you're on your way to Piknic could be an interesting option.

The only slight advantage Chicago has over us is that its 'L' trains run above ground, so that means you have the entire city to look at as it whizzes by the windows. But if we ever do get above-ground metros that are apparently in the works, than problem solved.

Think this could ever work in Montreal?

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