This Restaurant Is Hosting A FREE Poutine 5 à 7

We were sold at free.
This Restaurant Is Hosting A FREE Poutine 5 à 7

What's better than a 5 à 7? One that lasts an entire hour longer, until 8pm. And what's better than a 5 à 8? One with an amazing assortment of delectable edibles. And what's better than that? Well, there's only one true answer: a 5-à-8 with free food, and that's exactly what you can experience today only.

Resto-bar General Sherman has launched a brand new menu, and to celebrate, they're letting all you hungry folks eat up their newly created dishes, for free ninety-nine.

The set up is simple, just head to General Sherman any time between 5pm and 8pm, sit down, and eat for free. With a capacity of over 1,000 people and more than 60 food offerings on the bar's newly- crafted menu, it's pretty clear that just about any food-lover will have a seat and a dish to eat at the event.

General Sherman's wide array of new dishes include nachos, calamari, burgars, all kinds of salad, four kinds of poutine, hot dogs, tacos, pasta, and even pizza. For a better idea, just feast your eyes on the delicious dishes below, with the full menu included.

Get all the details on General Sherman's 5 à 8 Bouffe Gratuite by heading to the Facebook event page here. Happy eating (for free) folks!

Check out their Facebook event for more info.