[Review] Hip-Hop Karaoke @ Le Belmont - March 28th 2013

Last Thursday we were at Le Belmont for some shocking hip-hop karaoke. We say shocking because we were dumbfounded by the event. When you hear of an event like this you think of people going up to the stage one by one to make fools of themselves in front of many disappointed audience members as they display their lack of talent and sad dreams of becoming a star.  THAT DEPICTION IS IN NO WAY SIMILAR TO WHAT REALLY GOES DOWN. Participants have to sign up and be accepted in advance based on their skill and motivation. Sure there are a few humorous individuals that show the crowed a good laugh but for the most part the performers blow you away.

The stage rumbles with the bass of the popular hip-hop tracks from any era and the crowed yells in rhythmic support of the M.C. on stage. The experience is equipped with a hype man that throws an exclamation point on any performer in addition to hip-hop trivia with prizes and drink specials all night. Hip-Hop Karaoke is a must, as far as nightlife events in Montreal it's one of the most fun events we have attended. It goes off every month so be sure to catch it when you can!

 A little taste:


Photo cred - David Vilder