Rich Aucoin Is A Musical Genius

He considers himself alternative pop, we consider him a future indie superstar. I suppose the words indie and superstar are rarely if ever used in the same sentence, but; when you experience a sound such as this how can you not associate Rich with up and coming fame. Popularity aside, Rich lives his life through music and the lifestyle it brings and inflicts onto others. After researching the man and his musical movement, money and fame are most likely the last things on his mind. In consideration to that last statement, the masses will eventually fallow Rich and his up-beat alternative style so hopefully having thousands worship him and his music in the coming years doesn't bother him too much.  As we flourish with the moon in Montreal, exploring every nook and cranny of the nightlife; we were able to capture his last live appearance with some stellar pictures. Those shots can be found here.

Although he may sound like he brings a full band with him when he rocks your socks off, he is a one man show. He has clearly mastered the piano, a microphone, and the connection to electrical audio equipment.  His  process organizes the glorious beats and tones of his imagination and filters them through the speakers into your soul. We might be getting deep but our voices are heavy, Rich Aucoin is raw indie talent.

"I just want you to be happy" - Rich Aucoin

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Photo cred - Johnny Martin