Right Turns On Red Lights In Montreal Next Year

***Article Update***

3 months ago, the debate was reopened as to whether or not we should allow right turns on red lights in Montreal. The idea has been getting more support recently with 3 more of Montreal's mayors adding their names to the list of 15 who already support the idea.   

I've been driving in Montreal my whole life. And every time I drive off the the island I get this little moment of happiness where I remember that I can now turn right on red.

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Turning right on red has been banned for a long time in Montreal even though it's legal in Quebec since 2003.

It was believed there were just too many pedestrians in Montreal and that it created a danger for seniors and those who are visually impaired.

But it turns out that "right on red" only accounts for about 1% of traffic accidents.

Plus, Montreal is a construction nightmare right now, so this could also help speed up traffic.

That's why 15 mayors from different municipalities in Montreal now want to legalize right turns on red lights. They plan on lobbying the province and the city to change the law within the next year.


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