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Riposte Is The New Voice Of Feminism

Which Montreal women should be seen in this groundbreaking magazine?
Riposte Is The New Voice Of Feminism

Most women's magazines aren't exactly clever, insightful, or empowering in the slightest. Mainstream magazines targeted to women are actually the opposite, focusing on fashion fads, diets, and 'how to please your man' rather than things that are of social importance to women. Celebrities and models are at the front of these magazines, rather than females who have broken ground in other fields. No disrespect to the famous ladies on the cover of Cosmo, but wouldn't it be nice if there was a title showcasing more intellectual aspects of femininity? Enter Riposte, a new magazine that looks to be a new voice of feminism.

What to Expect

Riposte was created as a medium for "intelligent content and inspirational women in a beautifully designed format." Each issue includes five main themes, four meetings, three features, two essays and one major female icon. Breaking off from the typical fashion/style women's magazine, Riposte will cover a huge range of topics, everything from art to business and everything in between.

All photography featured in Riposte will not be photoshopped or edited in any way, a decision made to further differentiate the magazine from typical women's magazine that are notorious for airbrushing models and promoting an unrealistic idea of beauty. Riposte wants to deal with real women, who have made real achievements and overcome real problems. It only makes sense the photos, raw and not doctored, would reflect the content.

In the First Issue

The first issue of Riposte will be released on November 27th, with a pre-order now available. To give you an idea of what Riposte will be like, here's what will be included in the first issue:

  • The Power Of Paternity: Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham, founders of Patternity, give you a glimpse into the world of creative organization, a field mixing information and art in beutiful ways.
  • More Than A Mic Stand: An interesting feature focusing on influential female music producers who have made it big in a male-dominated field.
  • Es Devlin: A noted artist who has collaborated with the likes of Lady Gaga and the Rolling Stones, Es Devlin is a set designer like no other. Check out Devlin's feature for a look into her works and creative process
  • ICON- Carrie Mae Weems: The first of Riposte's female icons is Carrie Mae Weems, noted American photographer who has a personal story nothing short of inspiring

That's just a taste of the content to be seen in Riposte's first release. Content is promised to be varied and fluid, with articles also showcasing Francoise Mouly, the editor co-founder of Raw magazine, Nelly Ben Hayoun, founder of the International Space Orchestra as well as musicians, DJs and computer programmers. Readers are encouraged to provide feedback and ideas, and each issue's a featured icon will be chosen by a reader. For all the details, check out the official website.

Montreal Women Who NEED to be in Riposte

Amber Dearest: An Ontario native who moved to the hustle and bustle of Montreal, Amber Dearest is best known for her zine website, a site dedicated to deconstructing the norm through creativity and conversation. Featuring her own work and that of other artists from around the world, Dearest is an example of how new forms of media can be used for social activism, and still be fun.

Julia Evans & Monica Dinculescu: Two developers in Montreal, Evans and Dinculescu are also the founders and organizers of "Montreal All Girl Hack Night," an event specifically for female programmers to come together and discuss all things tech. The pair would offer a really cool perspective on the world or programming and how women can help each other to better their coding skills.

Heidi Taillefer:Featured on MTL Blog, Taillefer is a native Montreal artist who creates works unlike any you've seen before. Merging beauty with the grotesque, Taillefer would be the perfect female voice for the art culture of Montreal.

Geneviève Bujold: Although Bujold is an actress, she is one from a different era, when Hollywood had very different priorities. Bujold's wealth of experience in the industry would have some awesome anectdotes and I'm sure she could provide an insider's critique to modern celebrity culture.

What do you think of Riposte? Know of any other Montreal women who deserve to be featured in the magazine? Let us know in the comments below!

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