Rob Ford's Infamous "Crack Confession Tie" For Sale For $10,000

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Rob Ford's Infamous "Crack Confession Tie" For Sale For $10,000

Canadians are world-renowned for their friendly demeanour and innocent antics....mostly. But one figure in recent Canadian history truly shattered that mould.

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Rob Ford, the now infamous late mayor of Toronto and brother of the current Ontario premier, made international headlines when news broke detailing his drug addiction and inappropriate behaviour (like body-slamming another city councillor).

His confession of crack addition, in particular, went viral. The image of his confession is plastered in the collective Canadian memory. But one item features especially in that image: the tie.

On this most consequential occasion, Ford wore a tie decorated with an assortment of sports teams' logos.

After resigning, Ford sold the famous tie online accompanied with a certificate of authenticity that calls the item "an originial piece of memorabilia." "There is only one of these in existence," Ford wrote.

Well now, the tie if for sale again on eBay....for $9,999!

The latest seller has encased the tie in a sleek wood and glass case, which also includes photographs of Ford wearing his prized possession. It is sure to decorate the trophy room of only the most hardcore fan of quirky Canadian history. 

You can check out the eBay posthere. It already has 32 offers at the time of publication of this article, so act fast!


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