Rogers Now Has Unlimited Phone Data Plans With No Overage Charges In Canada

Canada has notoriously expensive cell phone plans. Canadians spend, on average, 25% more on cellphone plans than our American counterparts.

That difference gets even bigger when Canadians buy plans with more wireless data. The average cost of a plan with 10 or more GB of data in Canada is $180. In the US, the average cost is $72.

Rogers is hoping to change that. The company announced today that it would be introducing a new, unlimited data plan for only $75 a month.

The new plan works like this. The unlimited wireless data plans will start at $75 for 10GB of high-speed data for every line. Beyond this, you can use unlimited data at reduced speeds.

The brand stated in a press release that "if customers want more high-speed data, they can purchase a Speed Pass for $15 for 3GB." We had one of our reporters go to straight to the source to get all the details.

Rogers also gives you the option to pool data with family and friends, which would eliminate the need to monitor data use.

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Considering that Canadians pay on average $68 for a plan with only 8GB of data, this is a really good deal for those who use their wireless data on a regular basis (aka everyone).

Joe Natale, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated of the new plan that "Canadians want worry-free wireless and these new plans will give our customers peace of mind so they can use as much data as they want." 

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Bye-bye, $50 overcharge fees. I think most people will totally support this move to an abundant amount of cheap high-speed data, and then slower, free data. Seems pretty fair, especially in comparison to what we were working with before. 

It will be interesting to see if other companies will offer new, cheaper plans to compete with the telecom giant.

Read the full press release here. Read more about American vs. Canadian phone plans here.