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Romados' Christmas Menu Will Have Your Mouth Watering Over The Holidays

The greatest Xmas present ever.
Romados' Christmas Menu Will Have Your Mouth Watering Over The Holidays

Photo cred - Romados

Christmas time may be all cheerful, festive, and all that jazz, but one major downfall is the fact that all of your favourite eateries are closed over the holiday season. For those of us with families making meal after meal, that's no big deal, but for those of us without that familial perk, we gotta struggle without delicious eats. Thank the Lord Romados knows better than to close.

Obviously aware that riots would break out if people couldn't get their mouths around some crack chicken over the holiday season, Romados has decided to stay open and feed the hungry masses on Christmas and New Year's eve. Order-able online ( details here ) Romados will not only be open during these holidays, but have also created special menus for the dates. Check 'em out below.

Christmas Eve Menu

  • Lagareiro cod (baked in the oven) with potatoes
  • Seafood Rice
  • Roasted Lamb
  • Suckling pig
  • Pork with clams

New Year's Eve Menu

  • Codfish with cream
  • Seafood Paella
  • Roasted Lamb
  • Suckling Pig
  • Pork With Clams

Hungry yet? We sure as hell are. As amazing as Romados' chicken is, we're actually pretty excited to expand out Portuguese cuisine horizons this holiday long as it all comes with a side of that freakin' crazy good sauce. Get all the details by heading to the Romados website and Facebook page here .

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