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10 Romantic Montreal Parks You Can Go To For A Picnic With Your Girlfriend

For a special evening with your bae.
10 Romantic Montreal Parks You Can Go To For A Picnic With Your Girlfriend

Montreal is home to some amazing parks. Since this city is so large and urban, it's nice to find a small oasis to escape the noisy, city streets once and a while. Lucky enough, we have so many gorgeous nature parks to do just that! They have amazing fountains, tall trees, small lakes and more!

If you've been planning a romantic picnic in the park for your girlfriend, choose one of these amazing parks right here in Montreal. You'll be guaranteed to impress her!

1. Parc La Fontaine

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1619 Québec 138

La Fontaine Park is definitely the most romantic park Montreal has to offer. With a gorgeous fountain in the centre of the park, hence the name, it sets the scene for a very beautiful evening.

So this park takes care of the romantic setting, now all you have to do is dazzle her with an amazing homemade meal and some candles!

2. Square Saint-Louis

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Montreal, QC

This little park is definitely one of the cutest hidden areas in the Plateau. If you walk East on Prince-Arthur you're going to run into this adorable square. It has a gorgeous fountain in the centre, is surrounded by greenery and there's some colourful Plateau houses all around it.

The park also features the building pictured above which becomes a cafe/gelato shop during the summer months! So if you don't have the cooking skills, bring your girlfriend here and buy her a coffee and a gelato instead.

3. Parc du Mont-Royal

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Rue du Mont Royal

This one may already be a no-brainer for most of you, but I just had to mention it. Mont-Royal is an amazing park on top of the hill over-looking the entire city of Montreal. How much more romantic of a setting can you get? Pack a nice meal and spend a few hours watching the sunset go down.

4. Parc Outrement

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St. Viateur & Avenue Outremont

This park is a little smaller than those mentioned above, but just as beautiful. It also has a large fountain, which is the main feature of the park. It is an extremely romantic setting with large willow trees over the water, and bright flowers.

This park is sure to impress that special someone!

5. Parc Maisonneuve

Killer day for a SweetIQ BBQ! #chezvito

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4601 Rue Sherbrooke E

Maissoneuve is an amazing park with views of Montreal's Olympic Stadium. It has an abundance of picnic tables if you and your girlfriend don't feel like sitting on the ground the whole time. It's an urban oasis, located just far enough from the city to enjoy a peaceful dinner just the two of you.

With trails and a community garden there's so many things to explore here as well!

6. Ile de la Visitation

Evening adventure aka me trying to climb rocks and not die

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Boulevard Gouin E

This park definitely qualifies as a romantic destination. It's located in Montreal's Rivière des Prairies, and has many places to sit right along the water! You can take a romantic walk down along the water and find a perfect spot to set up camp for a romantic picnic dinner.

7. Parc Jeanne-Mance

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Av du Parc & Avenue du Mont-Royal

This park is prime picnic location. It's located right across the street from Mont-Royal. It features lots of areas for sports, like a giant baseball diamond and beach volleyball courts! So if you and your girlfriend want to double date, bring another couple and play a competitive game of beach volleyball before settling down for a nice meal together.

8. Parc Jean Drapeau

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1 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Parc Jean Drapeau is a huge park located just a short metro ride away from downtown Montreal. Once you get there you'll see why this park makes the cut. It's so huge and has so many amazing things going on all the time! It has a giant pool, it's own beach, and is home to a festival every weekend of the festival!

So if you're looking for a quiet place here, try to avoid this one during the weekends. But during the weekdays it's the perfect romantic spot, with many secluded areas for a picnic!

9. Rapids Park

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LaSalle, QC

Have you ever dreamed of eating an amazing picnic meal while watching white water rapids flow by beside you? Well you can at Montreal's Rapids Park! The bike path connects right to downtown, so if you're feeling up for you can enjoy a scenic bike ride along the way to your amazing, final destination!

10. Jardin Gamelin

Montreal music festival #picnikelectronik #vacation #montreal #music

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1500 Rue Berri

Montreal's Jardin Gamelin, features many artistic installations throughout the summer. This year they have the classic, colourful and flowing piece pictured above as well as a terrasse with twinkling lights. This place is home to many summer festivals as well but can also be a nice quiet spot in downtown to enjoy a nice picnic with your special someone!

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