40 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other This February 2016

For once #13 isn't bad luck, AT ALL.
40 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other This February 2016

It's back - once again. 

There's something about the month of February that warms my heart and gives me butterflies. Yes, it could be because of my boyfriend whom I love very much showering me with chocolates and teddy bears, but also just because it's the month of L-O-V-E.

Even if your date on Valentine's day is your cat, or your heart shaped pillow filled with Godiva chocolates, it's still fun to take part in such a romantic time together.

For my happily married, or engaged, or even newly dating couples, use your imagination! Get extra cheesy, and top if off with some mozzarella and cheddar, because it's the only time no one will judge you... Or at least not that much.

Here is a list of romantic things you need to do this February 2016 as a couple in Montreal:

1. Check out the 17th annual Montreal En Lumière festival.

2. Check out one of these dinner restaurants with deals for V-day.

3. Rent one of the CRAZIEST houseporn chalets for a weekend getaway.

4. Go to an outdoor spa, and take lots of snapchats to make all your friends jealous.

5. Go ice skating in the Old Port.

6. Go to Build a Bear shop, get a bear together and name it Charlie.

7. Stroll down Prince Arthur street at 2 a.m and dance in the middle of the street, recreating the famous scene from "The Notebook".

8. Brunch at one of the best brunch spots in the city.

9. Spend your nights in bed, watching every single love movie from this list

 10. Surprise your girlfriend at her school dressed in a tuxedo, carrying a red rose.

 11. Make your boyfriend his favourite meal, and serve it to him in nothing but an apron.

 12. OR (if you can't cook), you can always order a private chef to your house.

 13. Give your boyfriend a "touchdown" while watching the SuperBowl!

14. Try one of these foodporn recipes together.

 15. Visit the Old Port by taking a ride on a horse drawn carriage.

 16. Write each other a love letter, and mail it to each other's houses.

 17. Send flowers to her office and sign them "from your secret admirer".

18. Buy a dress. Reserve at a restaurant. Take HIM out.

19. Two words: Sex Pose.

20. Propose to your s/0 in this secret Montreal location.

21. Go on a chocolatier tour of Montreal.

22. And then end it at the Chocolate Festival.

23. OMG, chocolate overdose madness, try ALL of these.

24. Stay at the Quebec Tree House Hotel. HOLY SH!T sickest thing ever.

 25. Have an outdoor picnic overlooking the city, sipping champagne.

26. Go to the Montreal Casino and gamble away all your money...or spend $10 on slot machines feeling great.

27. Brunch with your other half, at E.A.T.

 29. Go to a Montreal strip club and get lap dances together, and then get mad at your boyfriend for taking the lap dance with the blond stripper.

30. On February 19, check out McGill’s Public Astro Night, featuring a talk on the Milky Way.

 31. Buy and Name a star after your s/o.

32. Rent a stylish loft under $100 on Air Bnb.

 33. Be that cool couple who doesn't care about Vday and watch the premier of Walking Dead airing on Sunday February 14th.

 34. Go to the W Hotel for drinks and then surprise your girlfriend with a room upstairs.

35. Spice up your sex life and go visit this exotic club.

 36. Attend La Poutine Week together and share the ones you can't finish.

37. Then go work out together with one of Montreal's best male trainers, or female trainers.

38. Get a love fern!!!!

 39. Lie to yourself and pretend like you don't care about all this Vday materialistic garbage, and make something for each other. (like using cardboard and stuff)

40. Spend your days reading articles on MTL Blog about love and relationships and realize that you two are really meant for each other.

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