"Romantic Thursdays" At Montreal's Old Port Skating Rink Is The Perfect Winter Date Idea

Photo cred - Vieux-Port de Montreal

One of the most romantic winter activities you can partake in with your SO/bae during the winter is the classic date to the skating rink. I don't know how romance and ice skating became intertwined (maybe because it's one of the only winter activities that doesn't involve steep inclines or massive amounts of equipment) but regardless, the ice skating date is totally a thing, and the Old Port is going to help make yours extra romantic.

Each and every Thursday at the Old Port Skating Rink the ice will be especially reserved for couples in love (or just like) with soothing and sentimental music played all around the ice. Officially known as "Romantic Thursdays," the lovey-dovey day at the Old Port Skating Rink will be filled with romantic vibes creating an atmosphere that's perfect for a date.

Romantic Thursdays are but one of the special themed days at the Old Port Skating Rink, with different types of music featured from Monday to Sundays. While Thursdays will be all about romantic sounds, the other days of the week will be very different, so you're sure to find a day that fits your taste of music. See the daily themes below:

  • Classical Mondays
  • World Music Tuesdays
  • Urban Sounds Wednesdays
  • Romantic Thursdays
  • Retro Fridays (80s and 90s)
  • Rhythm Saturdays
  • French Music Sundays

Get all the info on the rates and details of the Old Port Skating Rink by heading to the official online listing here.

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