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Ron Burgundy Wants To Sell You A Car

Dodge and Will Ferrel team up for some awesome adverts.
Ron Burgundy Wants To Sell You A Car

If you're gonna by a new car, it may as well be endorsed by your favourite news anchor. At least that's the marketing direction taken by Dodge in their new series of commercials featuring the San Diego icon Ron Burgundy. Ron has a lot to say about the new Dodge Durango, like its impressive glove box, and how much better it is than a single horse (360 times better!). Not sure if having Burgundy on board makes the Durango seem like a better working car, but who can resist the words of the mustachioed maniac? You know you're gonna watch the whole commercial, so thats good marketing in itself.

Check out the short ads below.

'Staring Contest'

'It Comes Standard'

'Gumball Machine'


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