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Roosh V Is Coming Back To Montreal

An 'anti-women rally' is being organised for the city.
Roosh V Is Coming Back To Montreal

If you don't know who Roosh V is, you're in luck. Ignorance is bliss in this case, just turn away and ignore the fact that this person even exists.

But if you're one of the unlucky people who have been subjected to this woman-hating, rape advocate then I'm sorry to announce that he is currently organizing an international meetup.

One of the cities on the list is Montreal , and we remember Roosh very well in this city. We all saw that video of the girl who threw a beer in his face when he tried to "pick her up".

The only thing douchier than Douche V (woops, I mean Roosh V) is his legion of followers who are eagerly trying to setup another meeting in Montreal. Considering the last time I wrote about Roosh V, I got threatened on Facebook for making fun of him, I would love it if we could all put in some efforts to make sure that we do not end up being one of the host cities.

As of yet, it looks like he's still coming.

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