Round Trip Flights From Montreal To Japan Will Be On Sale For $642 In 2019

As autumn reaches its peak and winter weather slowly begins to seep through the streets each morning, people across the country are slipping into hibernation mode.

That means, of course, comfy clothes, a Netflix watch list, lots of baked goods, and hot chocolate.

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TL;DR Starting in 2019, Air Canada is offering $642 flights between Montreal, Tokyo, and Taipei. Travellers will fly into Tokyo and need to transport themselves to Taipei for the return trip. Scroll to the bottom for more information.

This downtime tends to also inspire fantastic plans for the year to come.

So this is the perfect time to break the news that next year Air Canada is offering round-trip flights between East Asia and Montreal for a grand total of just $642! Taxes included!!

Between February and May of 2019, travellers will be able to jet off to Tokyo and spend as much time as they want exploring the beautiful Japanese archipelago.

The return flight leaves from Taipei, Taiwan. So you'll get the chance to explore two beautiful countries in a single trip!

The only catch is that the flight between Japan and Taiwan is not included in the deal.

But according to this source, flights between Tokyo and Taipei go for as little as $100!

So, in sum, you get a trip to two countries in East Asia for about $750, including the flight between Tokyo and Taipei!

This is the perfect opportunity to explore the culturally rich country of Japan. 

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Start planning now! This deal will probably go fast!

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