Roux Food Truck Is A Street Meat And Fries Authentic Affordable Experience

Montreal's food trucks have gotten some criticism for being too pricey, ritzy, and gourmet. That may be true for some trucks, but Roux Food Truck does its best to keep it real for the customers. Building its brand as the 'french fry truck,' Roux serves up a selection of fries, poutines, and street meat inspired sandwiches that aren't pretentious, but sure are delicious.

Roux is affiliated with the breakfast/brunch spot Fabergé, only you wouldn't think so by the menu. In truth, the association is less involved than one may think, as Roux is fairly independent from Fabergé. Influences still exist, as Roux shares Fabergé's initiative to be as Eco-friendly as possible (the truck is entirely self sufficient and even solar powered) and a mandate to serve quality food. Just don't expect Roux to be serving up omelets, fries are their main feature.

The basic french fry option, served in a large cone, only costs $5 at Roux. Realizing how you can't get much at Montreal's food trucks for under $8, Roux thought it was important to have a menu option that was delicious and affordable. While seeming fairly basic, Roux's classic french fries are still a solid choice. Thick cut, crispy on the outside will fluffy on the inside, and lightly spicy, Roux's fries are tasty even without any condiments. However, Roux still gives you the option to dip with homemade sauces like curry mayo and spicy ketchup, both of which are well seasoned and zesty counterparts to the original. Roux's fry-cone even has a convenient sauce holder so you can eat your fries on the go. Cuisine-engineering at its finest.

Branching outside of the realm of fries, Roux serves up two delicious sandwiches depending on the day: a filet mignon beef sandwich 'de rue' and a variation on the Philly cheese steak. The filet mignon sandwich has been a crowd favourite and sure sounds tasty, but I got to try Roux's cheese steak sandwich. Unlike the classic Philly cheese steak, Roux uses real cheddar in place of cheese whiz and throws on some fried onions and lettuce for a cool crunch factor. These additions, combined with juicy and tender shredded beef, results in a texturally layered sandwich that is rich in flavour. Roux accomplishes a slightly more fancy reinterpretation of the Philly cheese steak without losing the spirit of the original.

While I didn't get to try out Roux's poutines, they do sound great. Italian, pork, and even vegan varieties are available, so nearly anyone can come to Roux and have a solid food choice. Given the quality of Roux's basic french fry, I'm sure the poutines are great too.

Be sure to look out for Roux during the rest of the Summer to obtain some fantastic fries. Working to also become known as the “concert truck,” Roux will also be doling out deliciousness at Osheaga this weekend. So go enjoy some tunes and some fries too!

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Cover photo cred - Caribb