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The year is finally coming to and end, and it's about goddamn time.

So far 2016 has been less than spectacular, which is why many people around the world are choosing to express their feelings in the following way:

Fuck You 2016!

But there's still a month left to go, and people on Reddit have been speculating about some other crazy events that might happen before the year ends.

One of the top comments caught many people's attention. It informed everyone that Russia and a few other countries were actually thinking of signing a federation agreement in 2017.


With 2016 ending soon, what event would perfectly bring this year to a close?

For those of you too young to remembered, Russia and 14 other countries used to form the USSR which was a socialist state until 1991.

And apparently, there are some plans on the table to create a new federation agreement between Russia and former members of the Soviet Union.

So far, the agreement is only between Russia and Belarus, but other countries have also been expressing interest in joining.

The intention is to eventually achieve a federation much like the former Soviet Union, with a common president, parliament, flag, anthem, constitution, army, citizenship, and currency. So essentially this would be like

USSR reunion tour.

Wouldn't that just be the perfect way to end the year? First the Brexit, then Trump gets elected, and now the USSR might be making a comeback?

What the fuck is happening?!?

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