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Saint-Catherine Street Is Hosting A 15-Day Food Truck Festival This Summer

Ready your eating pants.
Saint-Catherine Street Is Hosting A 15-Day Food Truck Festival This Summer

From July 11-25, in coordination with the Just For Laughs Festival, Saint-Catherine street will be hosting the annual Bouffons! MTL Food Truck Festival. From Jean Mance to Saint Laurent, the street will be home to the best food trucks in the city, serving up tasty Montreal fare and, of course, all your favourite wine, beer and spirits. Now this is the kind of festival that I can get behind!

This festival takes all of your favourite elements of fine dining and brings it to the street. It's like a Montreal foodie's dream! Saint Cats will be outfitted with places to sit and live music to enjoy while chowing down on your food - it's an experience for all senses. Taste signature dishes from the best chefs in Montreal, showcasing the culinary multiculturalism of the city. Whether you're a vegetarian or the biggest carnivore in Montreal, there will be food to suit everyone's needs.

And for all the aspiring sommeliers out there, Bouffons! MTL is also offering master classes from current winemakers and sommeliers. If you've ever wanted to learn how to properly pair a wine with your meal, now's your chance.

Check out Bouffons! MTL's Facebook page for more info on the festival and masterclass signups. 

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