Montreal Ranked #6 Best City To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day In The World

Even more reason to celebrate.
Montreal Ranked #6 Best City To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day In The World

In case you didn't know, today is one of the most magical day's of the year in Montreal, one in which you're pretty much required to sport green and merrily day drink. Obviously I'm talking about Saint Patrick's Day, the annual March 17th celebration where everyone is Irish for a day.

And this Saint Patrick's Day, Montrealer have an added reason to be even more jazzed this year, as National Geographic has ranked Montreal among the top ten cities in the world to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.

Specifically, Montreal received the #6 spot in the top ten list of best St. Paddy's cities, with NG citing the city's long-running celebratory parade (193 years and counting!) along with the mass amounts of parties at pubs and the general city-wide merriment that accompanies the day of all things Irish.

Somehow Montreal even beat out Dublin, a city that's actually in Ireland. So either Montrealers go harder than folks in an Irish city on Saint Paddy's Day, or National Geographic wasn't too concerned with the numbers attributed to cities. We're going with the former, because St. Paddy's is definitely taken seriously here.

So today (and Sunday, for the parade and post-parties) grab an extra pint of green beer and celebrate yet another world ranking where Montreal made the list.

Check out how the city stacked up against the other metropolises featured on National Geographic's Top 10 Grand St. Patrick's Day Celebrations list below.

1. New York City, New York

2. Boston, Massachussets

3. Chicago, Illinois

4. Savannah, Georgia

5. Montserrat, West Indies

6. Montreal, Quebec

7. Dublin, Ireland

8. Birmingham, England

9. Cabo Roig, Spain

10. Auckland, New Zealand

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