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Discover Montreal's "Hidden" Sushi Shop In The Plateau

Sashimi, nigiri, maki, the whole family's here!
Discover Montreal's "Hidden" Sushi Shop In The Plateau

ATTENTION, sushi lovers: there's a hidden sushi shop on Montreal's Duluth street in Le Plateau... Okay fine it's not that hidden, because all my fellow foodies will know where it's at - but for the rest of my Montrealers who are not "in the scene" let me hit you with the headlines - It's called Saint Sushi bar and it's the place to wash away your sins, and dig into salmon roll madness.

I don't think I have to say anything more - i'll just let the pictures talk for themselves...

First off, you NEED to try their trademark starter "Sapin de Noël" named for Christmas trees because of the obvious cone-like shape of the lobster bits and tobiko masago decorations.

If it's your first time here - I highly suggest you go with the "tasting menu", you'll get a variety of different rolls hand picked by the Chef, so you'll get to savour a bit of every one of their home made delicacies.

Sashimi heaven. The freshest most delicate pieces of salmon and tuna, soaked in their famous homemade sauce, covered with slices of green apple and shallots. Guys, I'm salivating right now.

photo cred - Les Nerds

A mix of their (literally) famous sushi rolls: The "Madonna", The "James Brown", The "Tupac", and the "Michael Jackson".

So next time you're on lunch break, or choosing a place to eat on date-night - get yourself to Saint Sushi bar. ASAP. You will not regret it.

located at 424 Duluth St. E. (near Rivard St.).



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