SAQ Employees In Quebec Are Officially On Strike

Here's everything you need to know.
SAQ Employees In Quebec Are Officially On Strike

We've recently been talking about the SAQ storesand employees potentially going on strike. It's pretty obvious, you can see it yourself if you walk by any SAQ store covered in stickers.

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When something is covered in stickers in Montreal, whether it's a bus, ambulance, or storefront window you know people are unhappy and you know a strike is coming soon.

It's now official, the SAQ employees have begun striking at 10 AM this morning. Workers literally arrived to work at usual, then walked off the job. 

Last month, the union voted in favor of a 6-day strike, but it's still unclear as to whether the strike means total store closures or the managers will be running the stores. We are, sadly, in an alcohol limbo. 

Also, the 6-day strike doesn't necessarily need to be taken consecutively.

That said, the reason for the union strike is mainly surrounding weekend schedules and the precarious situation of job security of part-time employees.

I wish we could tell you whether you will be able to get alcohol or not this weekend, but better keep an eye out on your neighborhood SAQ.  And we will surely be updating you on the situation shortly.

More news to come!


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