SAQ Employees In Quebec Plan A 6-Day Strike Starting On St. Jean Baptiste Weekend

Well, this is unfortunate. 

Just as I finished looking into what will and won't be open this holiday weekend in Quebec, this story came up and has thrown a big wrench into my weekend plans. This is concerning. 

As you know, SAQ will operate on holiday hours this weekend, with all stores closed on Monday, June 25th following St. Jean Baptiste celebrations province-wide over Saturday and Sunday - St. Jean Baptiste Day is Sunday, June 24th. 

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You may want to go hit up your local SAQ today, or tomorrow, and stock up on everything you need for the weekend, and even next week. 

Via MartinLahaie

5500 SAQ employees, including office workers, are set to vote on a 6-day strike mandate that will see employees walk-off the job starting this Saturday, June 23rd. 

This is monumental. If the strike moves forward, SAQ will be forced to close the majority of their stores across Quebec on their biggest sales day of the year - the Saturday before St. Jean Baptiste Day. 

St. Jean Baptiste Day is SAQ's Christmas. 

In fact, the day is so huge for SAQ that if their employees do vote to walk off the job, senior management will be left to pick up the pieces and run the stores themselves. 

This means that about 50 SAQ locations out of 404 will be open across Quebec. 

The SAQ’s 5500 employees have been without a collective agreement since March 2017. The biggest issues on the bargaining table include weekend schedules and the precarious situation of part-time employees.

This is not the first time something like this has happened, either. During the 2004 strike in the middle of the holiday season, customers had to turn to convenience stores and grocery stores.

As we wait to find out whether this will move forward or not (and it looks like it will), you may want to think ahead and stop by SAQ today or tomorrow (Friday, June 22) and make sure you're fully stocked! 

Once we have official word on the strike I will update this... as well as tell you which 50 locations will be open in Quebec this weekend, and going into next week as the 6-day strike begins. 

Good luck, guys!