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Okay kids, brace yourself for some amazing, news: the SAQ is planning to launch an online ordering service and home delivery next year. Never having to leave your home for alcohol is the greatest of news.

La Presse dropped the big news this morning, giving the SAQ's plan of attack to increase sales and revenue in the coming year. The biggest change will be their new online ordering system, which will only be applicable to wine.

At the start of 2015, the SAQ will launch their online ordering service, which will allow you to pick and choose wines then go to the store to go pick them up. If your order goes over $75, however, you can get your reds and whites delivered straight to your home.

A little later in the year the SAQ will then include a mobile wine-buying option to be used on your smartphones. It will function the same as the previous ordering system, while also having some cool on-the-fly features, like being able to buy a wine your enjoying at a restaurant with a click of a button.

The SAQ also plans to change up their inventory once the online service is launched, with certain products being removed in-store but still available to order via your computer or smartphone. So while certain wines will be removed from the shelves, other alcohols will move in, with the latter still available online. More variety for our drankin' needs is good news all around.

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