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SAQ To Start Delivering Alcohol To Your House

You'll never have to leave your house again!
SAQ To Start Delivering Alcohol To Your House

As you probably already know, you can shop at the SAQ from the comfort of your own home.

Y'know, just in case you're feeling extra lazy today.

Then again, perhaps you're just looking to make a special order they don't have in stock.

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But until recently, you still had to get off your ass to actually go pick up your order in store.

It was heartbreaking to see the words "FREE delivery" followed by the words "in-store".

But recently we noticed a new addition to the SAQ delivery banner.

One that actually confirmed that the SAQ does do home delivery.

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And the best part is that you don't need to order a ridiculous amount of bottles to qualify.

You just have to pay a fee of about $12 and the SAQ will ship your order directly to your home or office.

It just goes to show that dreams really do come true.

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