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Saudi Arabia Is Now Demanding That All Of Its Students Evacuate Canada

It will cost Canada hundreds of millions of dollars.
Saudi Arabia Is Now Demanding That All Of Its Students Evacuate Canada

The dispute between Canada and Saudi Arabia is quickly escalting.

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It all began Friday when Global Affairs Canada published its concern for human rights in the country on Twitter.

The response from the restrictive absolute monarchy has been swift and extreme. The Saudi government suspended trade with Canada, ceased diplomatic relations, and tweeted a number of bizarre and worrying warnings through its state media accounts, including one image of what seemed to be a 9/11-style attack in Toronto. That Twitter account has since apologized for the inappropriate image.

But last night, Saudi Arabia took the dispute to new heights with a demand that all of its students evacuate Canada. According to The Globe And Mail, over 15,000 students will have to quickly leave the country that has become their home.

Those students will be placed in other universities in the United States, whose government has yet to issue a statement or support its ally Canada in its conflict with the oil-rich country.

The relocation of students at Canadian universities will cost countless millions in lost tuitions and other economic benefits that students provide.

Just how much further Saudi Arabia plans to take this conflict remains to be seen. Whether this is all bluster meant as a warning to North American and European countries or part of a larger stategy is worryingly uncertain.


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