Turns out swearing is not as bad as our society thinks it is. If you meet a girl and she happens to have a potty mouth - rejoice! She's a total keeper. Don't try to change her. Instead, you should embrace her rebellious character. You might want to ask yourself - why would I want to date someone who uses foul language? Let me explain. Science strikes yet again and proves that women who swear are actually better than those who don't. Don't believe me? Keep on reading.


They're more attractive

Elite Daily surveyed a bunch of people and found that both men AND women found the opposite sex more attractive when they swore. There's a catch though - it must be in appropriate circumstance. In other words, random profanities are a no-no, but when used in the right setting, it can be a major turn on. Numbers don't lie.


They're more loyal and trustworthy

Not only women who swear are more loyal and trustworthy, they're also more upfront. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. Women with stronger language also make better friends.

I'm not just making this up - Timothy Jay and Kristin Janschewitz conducted an observational research back in 2012 and the results proved that extroverts swore more. Consequently, they have concluded that the use of curse words made people seem more honest and real.


They're more intelligent

The usual stereotype is to assume that women who curse have a limited vocabulary. Well, guess what? You're wrong. A study conducted as a joint effort of Massachusetts and Marist colleges aimed to test whether those who know more swear words would also happen to know more "regular" words. The answer is - yes, they did. So STFU, haha!


They cope with stress better

Researchers from England have been fascinated with studying swearing. They found that using foul language is actually good for you. In fact, it makes you more resilient.


They're better teammates

Another study showed that occasional "fuck" and "shit" change the dynamics within a group completely. Teammates become more invested in the project and solidarity becomes more prominent. Who would've thought, fuck!