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Science Says That Everyone Is A "Pervert"

As if you didn't already know.
Science Says That Everyone Is A "Pervert"

You probably didn’t need a scientific study to tell you that men stare at boobs. If you’re a guy you know because you do it, and if you’re a woman, you experience it. However, a study published in the journal Sex Roles found that women also check out other women’s breasts just as much as men.

The study presented both sexes with pictures of women and used eye-tracking technology to detect where they looked. Researchers found that both men and women looked at women’s chests and waists more than their faces. They also found that women with large breasts, narrow waists, and big hips prompted longer looks.

The study was meant to try to understand the objectification of women. Researchers tried to come up with an evolutionary explanation for why both sexes stare, saying that “men may be drawn to more shapely women for childbearing – while woman may be checking out their competition.”

The obvious next step is to do the same study with pictures of men. Maybe that’ll tell us something about the objectification of women vs. men.

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