Scientists Warn Smoking Is Actually Shrinking Your Penis

Tobacco, especially cigarettes, has many proven adverse health effects. Unfortunately, nothing will motivate people to quit like this latest discovery.

While smoking has long been known to cause impotence, new studies suggest that tobacco can lead to a reduction in penis size, as well.

A urologist told the Mirror that chronic erectile dysfunction as a result of smoking can cause blood vessels to shrink. Moreover, because regular erections are necessary to maintain penis length, the apendage may appear to become smaller and rare erections less robust.

Medical News Today similarly explains that regular penis "stretching" preserves penis size.

Quitting smoking "can often reverse shrinkage and reduce other sexual problems," Medical News reassures.

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According to Health Canada, "impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is twice as likely to occur in smokers than non-smokers." Smokers may also put those around them at risk, says the government: "Exposure to second-hand smoke is a significant factor in becoming impotent."

Health Canada

Males are not the only sex that may have diminished libido because of tobacco. Female sexual pleasure also depends on the movement of blood to the vagina, the urologist continues

Penis shrinkage has long been popularly associated with smoking. Health Canada has even used the image of a limp cigarette to discourage consumption.

Health Canada

It turns out those assumptions are well founded.

For more information, you can visit Health Canada's page on smoking and impotence here.

You can also read the article from vt. about the relationship between tobacco consumption and penis shrinkage here.