Scorpion Spider Found Inside A Woman's Home In Canada

They're actually everywhere.
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Scorpion Spider Found Inside A Woman's Home In Canada

A terrifying photo posted to Facebook shows what appears to be a massive, scorpion-spider hybrid lurking inside a home in Canada.

Okanagan, British Columbia resident Jaci Glazier shared the photo to the Vernon Area Facebook Forum after discovering the creature.

The bug is known as a "pseudoscorpion" and is actually a kind of spider, according to the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences.

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This is Glazier's photo:

[rebelmouse-image 26892986 photo_credit="Jaci Glazier" expand=1 original_size="700x376"] Jaci Glazier

Thankfully, the spiders are harmless to humans.

The Penn State page explains: "most people do not notice or recognize pseudoscorpions, which is primarily due to the secretive nature and small size of these animals."

"Frequently, homeowners discover pseudoscorpions in bathroom sinks and tubs, and many believe they are either ticks or small spiders."

"Pseudoscorpions are neither dangerous, nor destructive; they eat many small arthropods, including caterpillars, flies, ants, beetle larvae, and booklice."

For this reason, they are also nicknamed "book spiders," according to Scientific American.

Interestingly, the pseudoscorpion mating ritual involves an hour-long dance and a sack of sperm deposited on the ground.

They are actually ubiquitous in North America.

Despite their terrifying appearance, they are in fact only a maximum of 8 millimeters in length. "Its four pairs of legs increase sequentially in length. It has one eye on each side of its cephalothorax (head plus thorax) and a 12-segment abdomen (only ten are easily visible)."

"Overall, the body resembles a teardrop. The pedipalps, located in front of the first pair of legs, are more than twice as long as the legs. When extended, crab-like, they measure 7 to 9 millimeters across."

Learn more from the Penn State College of Agricultural Studies here!


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