Scotland Could Leave The UK And Become Canada's 11th Province

Scotland is preparing for a 2nd referendum to leave the UK, and one Canadian author named Ken McGoogan believes that if that happens, Scotland should become a part of Canada

We already invited California to join us when trump got elected, but that didn't work out. 

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But this could actually work. It may sound crazy, but as Ken points out, Scotland is closer to Canada than America is to Hawaii, and that in today's day and age, geographical proximity isn't necessary for two countries to be united. 

Ken believes that Scotland would have more independence if it joined Canada, seeing as how it would automatically become the 3rd largest province, with 5.3 million people. Also, they would be able to maintain control of their courts, education, health care and immigration policies.

We already have a little bit of Europe in Canada, thanks to Montreal. Now it's time to put a little bit of Canada into Europe.

And considering the amount of Canadians who have Scottish heritage, I'm sure they would fit right in. With a little bit of luck, they might just give us discounts on Scotch, which makes this deal worth it alone.  


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