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Season Passes For La Ronde In Montreal Are Now Over 50% Off

Our local Six Flags now has super savings!
Season Passes For La Ronde In Montreal Are Now Over 50% Off

Two of the 2019 Season Passes for Montreal's La Ronde Amusement Park have just been cut in half, so if you've ever wanted to make the most of our local Six Flags, now is the time.

The tiered Bronze, Silver and Gold passes each come with their own perks and savings for two of the passes are over 50% right now. More details below!

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TL;DR Nows the time to get your seasons passes for La Ronde, Montreal's very own Six Flags Amusement Park. They've slashed prices on two of their pass options and all the details are below.

Montreal's La Ronde is Canada's second largest amusement park and the only Six Flags location in Canada. 

They've got over 15 roller coasters and thrill rides, with a new ride, "Chaos" coming this year.

If you've been looking for something to add a little manufactured fear into your summers, or if you're just an adrenaline junkie, this is the time to get your La Ronde seasons passes.

Current special offers are as follows:

2019 Bronze Season Pass 

Now only $41.99 each, down from the regular $89.99 each making this pass 53% off.

The Bronze Pass comes with unlimited admission to La Ronde and access to Fright Fest 2019, Montreal's spookiest Halloween event.

The Bronze Pass also gives you unlimited admission to ALL Six Flags theme parks, so if you've ever wanted to visit one of the nearby locations in Illinois or New York state, now is your chance!

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Silver Pass With Free Gold Upgrade

Get a free upgrade to a Gold Pass when you purchase a Silver Season Pass for $51.99 each. A regular Gold Pass regularly costs $165.99 each making this pass 69% off.

Perks of the Silver to Gold Pass Upgrade include free parking for 2019, unlimited access to La Ronde and ALL Six Flags locations, admission to Fright Fest in 2019, special bring a friend for free days, exclusive ride time events, and discounts on park tickets for friends.

Silver to Gold Upgrades also include a free "Sport Bottle" with discounted refills and discounts on in-park purchases.

All passes include a $2 service fee and free parking is not available during Fireworks, La Nuit Blanche or Fright Fest.

For more information and to purchase passes, check out the Special Offers page here.

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