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Second Cup Canada Wants To Transform their Coffee Shops Into Cannabis Stores

Who's next?
Second Cup Canada Wants To Transform their Coffee Shops Into Cannabis Stores

With the imminent legalization of marijuana in Canada, Second Cup coffee shops are looking to transform their spaces into cannabis stores.

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It comes as no surprise to me that Second Cup is trying to "get with the times."  At the moment, it seems that they are losing the coffee wars across Canada.

For example, I live next to my local Starbucks - which is always packed with people - and is also next door to the local Second Cup - which is mostly empty. Even Mcdonalds lineups are longer! But I'm terribly biased, McDs coffee is the bomb.

This plan is actually viable due to the progressive laws surrounding marijuana distribution in Ontario. Next April, the province will begin to allow private retailers to sell recreational marijuana.

That said, Second Cup is trying to regain their connection with the youth and customers in general, and they will be taking full advantage of this law; recently announcing the potential conversion to retail cannabis stores for more than 130 Second Cup locations across Ontario.

As you can imagine Second Cup will have to go through a great deal of bureaucracy to make, this plan come to life, securing the proper licenses, etc.  However, such a large and reputable Canadian chain taking this kind of initiative is huge, I wonder who will be next?


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