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Montreal's Secret Free Osheaga Shows We Really Don't Want To Tell You About

You'll want to add these to your list for that weekend.

While the world (and probably most of you) are high-key obsessed with 'catching them all', a little event called The Osheaga Music and Arts Festival is quickly approaching, bringing pretty much the very best in music today to our neck of the woods.

With any luck, you got your wristbands months ago like the rest of us, and have already mapped out your exact listening schedules.

But for those of you looking for something more low-key (read: less expensive), or simply want an extra helping of awesomeness to go on top of all the festival madness, we just got word there are 2 secret concerts happening just down the street at the Casino de Montréal...oh and they are completely FREE!

On July 28, Montreal's very own femme fatalShadi Assadi, a.k.a Shaydakiss, will be taking over the Casino de Montréal's hidden Garden Terrasse and giving us a healthy dose of her signature sound, kicking off the Osheaga festivities a night early.

Riding high with the Peer Pressure crew (think A-Rock, Hatchmatik) for the last few years, and having shared the stage with the likes of Chromeo, Azealia Banks, and Diplo (just to name a few) in the past, Shaydakiss knows exactly how to bring the funk and light it up with the best of them.

Show starts @ 9pm.

On July 29, the dancing just don't stop, as the Casino de Montréal hosts an official after-party featuring Canadian electro-poppers Dragonette. Topping charts since 2009, if you weren't able to catch the former Juno winners earlier in the day at the festival, this is your chance to see them way more up close and personal at the Valet de Carreau bar for a wild and colourful show you won't want to miss. The perfect way to cap off Day 1.

Show starts @11:30pm.

With multiple restaurants, bars, lounges, and games to suit all tastes, all surrounded by absolutely stunning decor and architecture, the Casino de Montréal is one of the biggest in the world, offering a little something for everyone. It also doesn't hurt that there's completely free parking, which means no fighting with construction cones, and more importantly, no expensive tickets!

Check out Casino de Montréal's website and Facebook Page for all the details on the official Osheaga parties happening.