17 "Secret" Locations You Can Go Skinny Dipping With Your Friends Near Montreal

Hopefully you're not afraid to show it all.

With the extremely hot weather and the crowded beaches and pools, sometimes you just want to let it all loose and jump in water! This may not be legal in many places that I am suggesting but let's be real, skinny dipping is something on everyone's bucket list.

So, instead of pushing skinny dipping off to the next summer and then the next summer, do it THIS summer! Skinny dipping is a great way to relax and have some good laughs with your friends. Of course the best time to go is at night or early in the morning but some of these secret spots are good for every time of day.

Gather your friends, or that special someone, and unpack your swimsuits and instead pack up some beers and a towel for the perfect skinny dipping experience. I guarantee that you will have a blast and a good laugh.

 Skinny Dipping At Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park

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For a late night dip, I suggest heading to Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park. The lake is surrounded by dense forest but the paths of the nature walk all lead to some sort of water way. So, you simply have to walk through the forest until you hit the water! Or, you could also walk on the beach path and sneak your way through the gate.

Skinny Dipping At Parc National d'Oka

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Located on the same lake as the Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park but on the opposite end is Parc National d'Oka. In order to get there, it is basically the same concept as mentioned for Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park. You simply walk through the forest until you hit the beach which is where the party starts!

Skinny Dipping At St. Zotique Beach

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Located 45 minutes west of Montreal is St. Zotique Beach. You could also walk through the forest to reach the water but, you can also just hide in the bathroom before it closes! Once Everyone has left, you can then bust out with your friends and strip your clothes away.

Skinny Dipping At Beach Club de Pointe-Calumet

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When the Beach Club is not hosting a huge party, I suggest simply slipping away in the water with your friends! It's a great destination to strip off those clothes and skinny dip your heart away!

Skinny Dipping At Sainte-Agathe Major Beach

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For a quick swim in the Laurentien Mountains, I suggest checking out Lac des Sables which is home to many beach and secret little water ways where you can skinny dip! At Sainte-Agathe the Major Beach holds it's name well as it is the largest beach on the lake. You can sneak through the forest and have that midnight naked swim with that special someone.

Skinny Dipping At The Grotto

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The perfect place for a tropical skinny dip is the Grotto located just two hours away from Montreal in Mulgrave-et-Derry, Quebec. So, if you are planning that road trip to Quebec, then I suggest checking out the Grotto for a early morning or late night skinny dip.

Skinny Dipping At Killbear Park

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If you are desperate for the perfect secluded skinny dipping location, then take a weekend getaway to Killerbear Park. It is the absolute perfect place for day skinny dipping. There are no houses and it is so big that it would be rare of you to see someone else on your skinny dipping excursion.

Skinny Dipping At Gatineau Park

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While you're on your camping trip in Gatineau Park, head down to the water, at any time of day, and skinny dip your with your closest friends! It is a great destination for a weekend getaway or even for a day trip! I suggest taking a beautiful hike down to a secluded spot on the lake and stripping your clothes off.

You are surround by mountains and the wilderness! However, if you feel uneasy about finding your own spot, you could also sneak into the Gatineau beach late at night and jump in naked.

Skinny Dipping Parc National De La Jacques Cartier

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Another great secluded place for skinny dipping is Parc National De La Jacques Cartier. It is absolutely beautiful and a great destination for that skinny dipping adventure! So gather your friends have ONE beer and play some strip poker for that fun way to skinny dip! You can camp or take a day trip so get that road trip planned!

Skinny Dipping At Mont-Tremblant

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I'm sure that most of you have thought about skinny dipping on your trip to Mont Tremblant but, you were either too drunk, too chicken, or with your family. But common guys... Suck it up and sneak into the public beach at night or even find your on little secluded destination by taking a walk in the forest down to the water.

Skinny Dipping At Parc National De Frontenac, Baie Sauvage

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Less than three hours away is another great spot to go skinny dipping! Parc National De Frontenac is a great location to skinny dip! You can rent a chalet on the water and skinny dip whenever you please or you can camp near the water and do the same.

I suggest getting a kayak or pedal boat and heading deep into the water and stripping in the middle of the lake! It's fun for everyone and your friends will have a blast.

Skinny Dipping At 30,000 Islands

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By the end of summer, be sure to drive down to 30,000 Islands in Ontario. I suggest gathering a large group of friends and renting out a beautiful cottage. You can skinny dip at any time you please! I strongly recommend taking a boat out to one of the Islands and setting up camp there for the day and for a great skinny dip.

Skinny Dipping At Plage Valleyfield

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Simply 30 minutes away from Montreal, be sure to check out Plage Valleyfield! You can sneak into this small beach undetected fairly easily for the quick skinny dip. You can hustle your friends to the beach or walk nude with your lover. It's a great place for a romantic or fun night.

 Skinny Dipping at Parc Régional du Lac Taureau Beach

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For that perfect secluded private beach, check out the area of Lac Taureau! It is a large basin that offers more than 30 km of beach, some of them accessible only by boat or kayak. You can even choose one of 50 islands to camp out on for a day and to have a great skinny dipping experience.

Skinny Dipping At Saguay Beach

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For great scenery and a secluded place to skinny dip and strip down, head to Saguay Beach on a late week day night. It is absolutely stunning and a perfect place to be. You and your friends will have the best time feeling free and well... naked.

Skinny Dipping On A Boat

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Last but not least, if you have the opportunity, take your boat out of the Old Montreal Harbour and jump in the St. Lawrence River naked with all your buds. You can do this at any time of the day but I'm not saying that you won't get caught! It is illegal but it's worth a shot and your friends will have a blast checking off skinny dipping from their bucket list.

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