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Self-Cleaning T-Shirt Makes Laundry Idiot-Proof

College kids and mothers rejoice.
Self-Cleaning T-Shirt Makes Laundry Idiot-Proof

Doing laundry is much more intimidating than it sounds. You have to not mix colours and whites, put in the right amount of detergent/bleach, use cold or warm water, and be aware of a ton of other clothes-cleaning rules, a lot of which we don't learn until its too late. And why would we, when we have our moms to wash our dirties? Its only until we move out, for college or work, that we're faced with the harsh reality of laundry. If you're still relying on mommy to get your clothes clean, you should pick up a few of Tide's 'My First Adult T-Shirt.'

All too aware of our generation's inability for self-sufficiency, Polish advertising agency Leo Burnett has created a self-cleaning t-shirt designed for young folks who simply can't do their own laundry. Inspired by the scores of students who would return home with bags of laundry, the company created t-shirts with Tide laundry detergent infused into the shirt's graphics. 'My First Adult T-Shirt' then releases a minute amount of Tide when thrown into a washing machine. No measuring or laundry math necessary, just toss the shirt in and its good to go.

The Tide-graphics on the shirts are also very to the point: each shirt has an image of a mother surrounded by her own woeful tears (infused with Tide detergent) that she must still do her children's laundry. After each wash, a little bit of the Tide-tears washes off, and eventually a happy mother is left on the shirt. Hopefully by then you'll understand the whole laundry process, and actually be able to do a few loads without any help.

An awesome idea, or a pseudo-slap in the face to generation Y? Tell use your thoughts on the Tide T-shirt in the comments below.

Source- I Believe in ADV

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