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Sephora Is Now Hiring Across Canada

For all you makeup lovers!
Sephora Is Now Hiring Across Canada

When you're looking for a job, it can sometimes be discouraging. Most of them are either boring or don't pay well. 

Finding a job you like that pays decently and offers room for advancement, is almost impossible. Almost impossible... but not impossible my friends. 

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TL;DR If you're in the market for a job or looking for some extra cash, Sephora is looking to hire for various positions across Canada. With a dynamic, fun work environment, Sephora offers great work experience.

For those who are on the job hunt currently, I have some fantastic news for you! If you love makeup and collaboration, and want an opportunity to grow within a company, than you're in luck! 

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Sephora is hiring throughout Canada right now for various positions, such as team leader advisors, operations consultants, cashiers, makeup artists, skincare consultants, and much more!

If you're looking for a little extra money on the side, they're also hiring for seasonal positions as well! 

Sephora is a great company to work for your, whether you want a career change or it's somewhere you've always to work, now is your chance! 

Other reasons why this company is so great to work for:

  • You'll get to stay in-the-know by learning about all the latest and hottest trends.
  • No need to worry about what to wear to work, they have uniforms for all their employees. 
  • They are a huge advocat for "work-life balance."
  • During the summer they offer their employees a chance to work a half day on Fridays.
  • Plenty of perks, like their mini-facial and makeoevers, along with "Thirsty Thursdays" from MOET, and some free products to test out! 

Here are all the positions available in Montreal:

  • Seasonal Skincare Consultant (Part-time)
  • Seasonal Cashier (Part-time)
  • Operations Advisor (Part-time)
  • Consultant Team Leaders (Full-time)
  • Seasonal Colour Consultant (Part-time) 
  • Colour Advisor (Part-time)
  • Seasonal Cashier (Part-time)
  • Seasonal Stock Manager (Part-time)
  • Cashier (Part-time)
  • Store Operations Team Leader (Full-time)
  • Team Leaders (Full-time)

Apply now for a fun and dynamic position at Sephora! All positions listed here 

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