"Shakespeare In The Park" Shows Are Taking Over Montreal's Parks This Summer

When most people nowadays hear the term "Shakespeare in the Park" we usually think about one of two things. Either some low-level actors murdering the greatest works of theatre ever created or the iconic scene from Avengers between Iron Man and Thor.

Well, if you're one of those people, then prepare to be sorely mistaken. Shakespeare in the park is an internationally renown genre of theatre and the Montreal troupe, Repercussion Theatre, is one of the most critically acclaimed in North America.

You'll get the chance to experience their works firsthand for the next month as they'll be putting on a rendition of Shakespeare's comedic masterpiece "Much Ado About Nothing" regularly until mid-August.

1st preview

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Their annual summer tour just kicked off last week and they will be performing every single day aside from Mondays. They'll be traveling all over Montreal as well as some off-island destinations such as Morin Heights, Hemmingford, and Huntingdon. 

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Tickets range anywhere from 5$ to 150$ depending on the accommodations you want so it really available to anyone who wants to go and I couldn't recommend it more.

For more information about tickets as well as future performances and times, make sure to check out the website right here.

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