Shocking Footage Showing Raptors Fans Rioting In Downtown Toronto Last Night

Last night, the Toronto Raptors celebrated an incredible, well-deserved victory against the Golden State Warriors. This 114-110 win concludes a monumental run for the Toronto team.

The Raptors put basketball into the mind of every Canadian: basketball even eclipsed hockey as the most popular sport of the season

While the team were out celebrating their well-deserved win, which marks the first major Canadian Championship win in 26 years, some rioters inevitably took to the street to destroy property.

Multiple news sources have footage of the rampage which happened in different parts of the city. Global News reports that two police cars were smashed during the celebration.

According to Global News, "The windshields on two police cars were smashed in a tunnel on Toronto’s York Street." Fans stood on the cars and chanted "We The North!"

The revellers dented the two police cars and smashed the car windows. Footage of the incident can be seen below:

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This is not the only reported incident from last night. City News has "dramatic" footage of police forcibly removing fans from a bus in downtown Toronto. 

In the video, you can see police out in great numbers to remove intoxicated Raptors fans from a bus.

Police were likely expecting such a riot to break out. After the win, the Toronto police published this Tweet:

This wouldn't be the first time that Canadian fans rioted after their team's win. Let us never forget the riots in Vancouver in 2011 after the Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins.

However, there are mixed reports about the incidents. Eyewitnesses on the scene cannot seem to agree on the extent of the riots.

Some are making fun of Raptors fans for being "soft" in their riots.

Others are making light of the violence that took place last night.

No violence was reported in Montreal, which hosted its own viewing parties for the game last night.

Read the City News article about revellers getting expulsed from a bus here. Read the Global News article about the vandalised police cars here.

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