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Shocking Video Shows How Insanely Reckless Toronto Drivers Are

Canada's worst driver!
Shocking Video Shows How Insanely Reckless Toronto Drivers Are

It's Friday,that means the weekend is almost upon us, folks! Since it's the fall and colder weather is upon us, I'm sure many of you are heading out to chalets to wrap yourselves in a cozy blanket by the fire. 

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Or perhaps you're taking a roadtrip to one of the many fantastic spots just outside the city, such as Michel Jodoin Ciderie, to enjoy the fall breeze. 

Regardless, I'm sure when you drive you're cautious of others on the road (vehicles, bikes, pedestrians), and hopefully aren't flooring it "pedal-to-the-metal" style to your destination. 

For the mostpart Montrealers are pretty good when it comes to driving, sure a little impatient, and sometimes cut off other drivers. But Montrealers usually abide by the rules of the road. 

Not saying that all drivers in Toronto are reckless, but this person who was driving in Toronto was definitely in a hurry! 

Captured in dash cam footage, the SUV is swerving in and out of lanes. But that's not even the worst part: the driver backs up and nearly hits a poor pedestrian that was minding their own business! 

Watch this video of a driver in Toronto almost causing 3 accidents! 

Be cautious when you're driving out there! There's some pretty reckless drivers!


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