Shocking Video Showing Montreal Police Fighting Skateboarders

Over this past weekend, on September 15th things got a bit chaotic. It's not unusual to see a lot of people out on the streets in Montreal, especially on the weekend. 

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There are usually Montrealers walking the street, biking and hanging out with their friends. The streets are usually really crowded, but peaceful. 

On Saturday night things got a bit out of hand on the streets of Montreal. It looks like this chaos all took place on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

In the video you're about to see-it started off with skateboarders hitting each other. 

Things start to get pretty chaotic, pretty quickly! Some individual just randomly throws a garbage can into the crowd- right at the police.  Whether they were aiming at them- they definitely managed to nearly knock one of them out! 

There's a lot of shouting, confusion and mayhem going on. 

One passerby is simply skating along as a group of guys quickly jump on him and a policeman on a bike has to disrupt the fight. 

The policemen eventually takes one of the skateboarders down to detain him. 

As this is all happening- there's individuals filming the entire thing! Not only is someone filming it, but there is an individual with a camera who is taking photos of the police taking down one of the men. 

The guy who was taking photos even had the audacity to take the policemen's photos while they are looking at him and even pushing him back! 

The police definitely had their hands full Saturday night, check out the video below and see for yourself!