Shocking Video Showing Montreal Protesters Brutally Attacking The Police

Shocking Video Showing Montreal Protesters Brutally Attacking The Police

Yesterday the annual anti-capitalist protest known as May Day was taking place in Montreal, and it didn't take very long for things to turn violent.

The CLAC, which is a coalition of anti-capitalist activists were marching downtown while holding signs and wearing red masks. And as soon as the protesters came face to face with the police officers in riot gear, the shit started hitting the fan.

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Via The 4K Guy

In the video you're about to see filmed by The 4K Guy, you can see the protesters lining up and preparing to rush the cops.

They all start charging towards the officers while others were setting off fire extinguishers and throwing fireworks. The police launched tear gas at the crowd and literally started beating the protesters with clubs.

It's crazy to think that this kind of thing can happen in Montreal. After all, this is supposed to be one of the safest cities in the world. Several people we know got caught up in the mess. According to them, passerbys were fleeing the scene as quickly as they could, and the entire area was covered with pink and white smoke. 

Montreal looked like a warzone, and when it was all said and done, 5 protesters were arrested.

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