Should Montreal's STM Install "Scale Bus Stop Benches" Around The City?

Your weight for the world to see.
Should Montreal's STM Install "Scale Bus Stop Benches" Around The City?

Photo cred - Elite Daily

Waiting for the bus could be a lot more awkward, revealing, and embarrassing, at least for the heavier among us, if Montreal was inspired by a new park-bench initiative launching in Moscow, where park benches will be outfitted with electronic scales, telling the world how much you weigh as you sit on them.

20 "scale benches" will likely be placed in Moscow's Sokolniki park by the end of the year, according to park's director, with other parks expressing similar interest. Not only will the bench display your weight on a screen for you, but they'll also give healthy eating and fitness tips, you know, to really drive the point home that you should lose a couple pounds.

Priced at $1, 300 each, the scale benches aren't the cheapest way to make people embarrassed about their weight, but the potential for advertisers will likely balance out the initial costs, as Elite Daily points out.

Montrealers are known for being a sexy and fit bunch, though to say that stereotype extends to the entire populace is simply not true. As harsh as it may be, forcing folks to see their weight in public may be the right amount of embarrassment/motivation to inspire a lifestyle change. Or just stop overweight people from sitting on benches, whichever.


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