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Should Prostitution Be Legalized In Montreal?

The argument for and against the legalization of being a lady of the night.
Should Prostitution Be Legalized In Montreal?

In Canada, Prostitution is legal but the acts surrounding it are not. Prohibitions include:the operation of common bawdy-houses, living on the avails of prostitution, and communicating for the purpose of prostitution in public. The Supreme Court has been debating prostitution in out in court since October 2009, with the last hearing on June 2013.

Prostitution is one of the oldest jobs on the market, one that has been kept hidden, either behind dark alleys or loose brothel doors. Nowadays, websites offer escort services all in the privacy of your home. But why would one want to legalize an act that so many find demeaning and degrading for women? Last June Terri Jean Bedford came before the court with a strong argument.

Terri Jean Bedford has been a prostitute, known for being a dominatrix, and was charged for operating a brothel. Bedford brought her case in front of the supreme court with her lawyer, and they wished to revoke previously installed laws that violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, laws that force prostitutes to choose between liberty and security or an income, thus restricting them from police protection and legal services. The trial gave green lights to brothels, but now awaiting appeal before the Supreme Court.

But does the legalization of prostitution truly help the girls in question? If legalized, prostitutes would be allowed to work behind brothel doors, secured by body guards, and hold the power to refuse those who wish to participate in sexual acts without condoms. An idealized setting, only this doesn't seem to be the case in reality.

Germany legalized prostitution in 2001 La Presse has recently published a report on these legal changes of laws and saw no improvement on the quality of life these girls live day by day. The real difficulty is determining the difference between those who wish to exercise a profession they have chosen from those who have been forced into prostitution by loverboys, pimps, and gangs. How can you make sure one girl is there voluntarily or is drugged and abused into accepting this faith?

Not only is legalizing prostitution potentially dangerous, but will also void us the government of powers that are already quite marginal. Prostitution has been around since the dawn of days and legalizing it and keeping them behind doors will only allow it to blossom and flourish without control. Yes, the girls who are in no way connected to gangs and pimps will have safer work regulations, and might have better insurance, but will not correct the problem of girls who are trafficked and emotionally/psychologically dependent on abusive 'bosses.'

In a city like Montreal where streets are covered in night clubs and venues, hooking up could not be easier. Why pay the price and cheat yourself of a good game of cat and mouse? Learn a little game and work for what you want.

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