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Reasons Why The STM Should Be Free When It Is Too Cold Outside

For when the weather outside is just too frightful.
Reasons Why The STM Should Be Free When It Is Too Cold Outside

Photo Cred - chamberland_f1

Spring is right around the corner, but walking around the streets of Montreal, you would think it's still mid-January. Even worse, combined with the frigid winds and downpours of snow, the STM (and traffic in general) is all sorts of screwy today.

On arctic-esque days like today, when the bus is late anyway, you have to wonder: should the STM be free under intensely cold days?

Think of the homeless, who need to bear the brunt of winter all year round without any form of shelter. A free STM would fix that and provide warmth on days when the homeless need it most. Think of all those people without Opus cards on crazy-cold days. They wouldn't be entirely screwed over, especially if they don't have three bucks in change on them.

The notion of a free city transit system seems utopian, but its not that far fetched. Our proposal was actually inspired by Toronto councilor Josh Colle, who has made a motion for free transit use during cold weather alerts.

Colle's proposal is still in limbo, and if accepted, won't be put in motion until next year.

Still, we can't let Toronto claim this idea first. Montreal's homeless, and the city in general, would benefit from a free-when-cold STM.

And on day's like today, I doubt anyone would disagree.

Do you agree?

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