Should We Let This Happen To Montreal's Potholes?

The artist indicates that this form of vandalism is very effective.
Should We Let This Happen To Montreal's Potholes?

Montreal is famous for its street art and not just for the sake of it, our art has a purpose. We take ugly building facades and turn them into masterpieces recognized worldwide. But one cheeky graffiti artist has decided to use the humble spray-paint can for an even nobler cause - Public safety.

A street artist in England who calls himself "Wanksy" noticed a lot of potholes popping up in his city that in dire need of attention, damaging cars and bikes, and generally causing a hazard to the public. So Wanksy decided he would motivate the city council to do something about them. His solution is so simple, it's downright genius. He spray paints penises on every pothole he comes across, essentially forcing the city to fix them as soon as possible. After all, the city can't just leave a bunch of penises drawn all over the roads, filling the potholes becomes the only solution.

The city council isn't happy about the artists "initiative" and claims that his public service is not really helping the situation, since the city has to spend even more money to remove the paint (which they don't). Love it or hate it, the technique seems to be working as more potholes are now being reported. I guess penises are hard to ignore.

Check out Wanksy's Facebook Page for more of his street art.