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Sh!t Montreal Girls Say

'But first, let me take an Insta of our Mandy's!'
Sh!t Montreal Girls Say

Montreal is honestly one of the most amazing cities in the world and we also have some of the most amazing girls. But the truth is that there are some things that you ONLY hear from Montreal girls. The list below composes of 40 things that we Montreal girls are known for saying and that you will only hear here.

Theses phrases are honestly things that we can all laugh about since all basic Montreal girls say them! And if you don't say at least half of these things then common, you aren't a real Montrealer. So embrace your basicness and keep on saying what you always say! Right girls?

1. "WAIT! Let me take a Insta of our Mandy's salad first!"

Every Montreal girl knows the struggle of when your BFF or BF starts eating their salad before you got to take that sick insta... It has become a habit to insta all out food now.

2. "OMG! Can you take a pic of me in front of this street art?"

Ahh yes, we are almost all guilty of taking pictures in front of Montreal's gorgeous street art. It is literally an impulse for girls to go take a picture as soon as they walk past one.

3. "Let's go to a rooftop terrasse for lunch with the girls"

This summer has comprised of a majority of things. But for the most part, all girls have been obsessed with going to rooftop terrasses.

4. "Let's go to Apartment 200, all I have to do is wear Adidas"

If you plan on going out on st. Laurent street but are too lazy to actually try to look nice then you will probably end up at apartment, if you get in, with your Adidas on and some workout pants with a crop top.

5. "Can we go to Winnie's this Tuesday?"

Ah yes, Winnie's has taken over Tuesday nights with their two dollar shots for girls. I mean why not! Let's get drunk on a Tuesday.

6. "OMG YES! Wet Wednesday time!"

After Tuesday night at Winnie's, Montreal grils will usually find themselves making plans to get fcked up at Terrasses Bonsecours for Wet Wednesday in a supper cute outfit.

7. "Let's just get an Uber."

Who needs a Taxi while Ubers are still around in Montreal and since we girls are just too dam lazy sometimes.

8. "Let's check out that grotto that's only 2 hours away from Montreal this summer."

Ever since the Grotto has made it's big appearance on MTL Blog, all Montreal girls are planning on going there before summer ends for that perfect insta.

9. "We have to go to Beach Club before summer's over!"

DJ's and the beach are just every Montrealer's cup of tea. And like common, what girl doesn't love the beach!

10. "Where can I get weed last minute?"

Montrealer's are constantly in search of some last minute weed since we sometimes run out too quickly or never plan ahead of time since sometimes we depend on our BFs for some weed.

11. "Let's go on a bike ride to Atwater Market"

I mean who isn't in love with Atwater Market? And since we Montrealer's all love to bike this makes the perfect combination for a cute BFF date.

12. "OMG did you go to Osheaga! It was crazy and my outfit was on point!"

If you didn't go to Osheaga, the calling of all Montrealer's every summer, then you really missed out. Not only did you miss out on good music, but also on a killer outfit.

13. "I was so fcked up at Ile Soniq last week and my outfit was totally rave perfect"

EDM festivals are where Montrealer's get drunk, high, and well you know the rest! But the girls take it to the next extreme and dress crazy.

14. "Bonjour Hi."

We live in a French province so you will find yourself saying Bonjour more than hello but when you are working you will usually be saying Bonjour Hi every second.

15. "Let's go to La Diperie for a cute insta."

Every Montreal girl's dream is to get that FCKEN cute insta on the green wall of La Diperie.

16. "Can we go for a drive up Mount Royal?"

On a cool summer night, who doesn't ask to go for a drive up Mount Royal! I know all girls do!

17. "What's the bus to get to Fairview again?"

When you want to hit up Fairview in the West Island, we sometimes forget what bus goes there. Well, from Cote-Vertu it's the 470 express for you to get your shopping done.

18. "Feeling the Piknic Electronik vibe this Sunday."

When you wanna get turnt on a Sunday in Montreal with your girls, Piknic Electronik is the place we all run to.

19. "Let's go on a date to Cacao 70 for desert"

For a yummy desert, most Montreal Girls will almost 99% of the time suggest Cacao 70!

20. "Timbits and Ice Caps are life!"

Well, it's true... They are.

21. "UHGGG! It's so hot!"

Honestly when you live in Montreal you are constantly complaining about the weather. In the summer it's way too hot...

22. "UHGGG! I want summer! It's too cold!"

And in the winter it's way too cold.... So we want summer.

23. “Oh that’s my first tattoo, I got it when I was like 18 at Adrenaline.”

We are almost all guilty of this... I mean like common girls when will the trend or going to Adrenaline die!

24. “Do you have an AUX cord?”

What's a drive through Montreal without an AUX cord? Like honestly...

25. “Wanna take a girls trip to Ottawa or Toronto this summer?”

When you are planning a trip with your power group of girls this summer Ottawa and Toronto almost always come into conversation.

26. "Wanna get some 2 dollar noodles?" *3 am on St. Laurent Street*

We have all done it at 3 am on St. Laurent Street after a crazy night out... Peanut butter noodles... YES PLEASE.

27. "Let's go skating!"

The most common active date to do in Montreal during the winter...

28. "Who are the Habs playing tonight?"

Hockey season means a game almost every other night so we can get pretty confused with who's playing the habs and when. And well let's be honest some girls are just puck bunnies.

29. "Let's Go To BOTA BOTA... I really need a Spa day."

The go to place when you need to relax... BOTA BOTA. The perfect Spa for your BFF and you.


The most common complaint in Montreal... The construction is taking over the city... I mean there is basically more orange cones then people living in Montreal.

31. "Have you been to Jukebox yet?"

The West Island is full of little gems like Jukebox so if you haven't been you should go.

32. "Do you go to Dawson, Vanier, Abbott, or Mari?"

I mean if you don't go to atleast one of these colleges then someone will probs be like where the f are you from.

33. "Eh"

Just because we are Canadian...

34. "Let's go out... St. Laurent?"

St. Laurent will forever be the go to place when you want to go clubbing and have a party.

35. "I wanna find a cute cafe for a Insta."

Montreal girls are totally obsessed with taking cute Instas in cute cafes so they are constantly on the lookout for one.

36. " The Farine Five Roses Sign is so random but so nice"

We love it but honestly what is it?

37. "Français ou Anglais?"

We Montrealer's embrace the fact that we are bilingual so you will more than often hear someone asking you if you speak French or English when they are serving you, asking you for directions, or even hitting on you.

38. "Sorry."

Well, we can't forget that Montrealer's are Canadian so sorry is said after almost ever other word especially when you are rushing through the metro in the morning.

39. "Sorry I'm late the STM is ass."

We can all relate to the fact that the STM is either never running properly or has stopped working all together.

40. "Have you been on the new Azur metro yet?"

Montrealer's are all obsessed with taking a snap on the new Azur metro... I guess it's pretty cool if you get the rare chance to ride one.

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