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Sh!t Party Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

#10 'You're going to regret this tomorrow morning'.
Sh!t Party Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

There is nothing wrong with being a party girl. If everyone could take a deep breath and stop judging girls who love to have fun, that would be great. Seriously, what's wrong with getting a little wild and dancing the night away? Check out my other posts, because I write a LOT of shit about this.

Party life is just a phase most girls come out of as they reach their late twenties. For all I know, these girls make the best wives. So here are some of the things every party girl is tired of hearing.

1. "You should party less."

I completely disagree with this. Girls need to party in their twenties just for the sake of getting it out of their systems. It's totally normal. You know those women who turn into cougars in their forties and leave their husbands for 18 year old dudes? They're clearly trying to make up for their boring twenties.

2. "You drink too much."

People should mind their own fucking business. Thanks.

3. "You're not ambitious."

There is absolutely no correlation between partying and being ambitious. Going out and having fun does not make you an amoeba. You can be a student, an office worker, an entrepreneur, a freaking girl boss and still go out and have a good time. What's wrong with that?

4. "You're never going to find a nice guy in a club."

Lies!!! There are actually very good chances of meeting decent guys at night clubs. Ask around, people meet at night clubs all the fucking time. Attending these kinds of establishments does not make you a bad person.

5. "Good girls don't party."

That's actually ridiculous. What do good girls do then? Read books? You can read books and party on the weekends. I'm still failing to see how partying can make someone a bad person.

6. "Alcohol makes you fat."

Fact! However, a few shots of tequila and a glass of wine will not make you fat. Pizza, pasta, cupcakes and chocolate will though... #sorrynotsorry

7. "Grow up already!"

No, I refuse to grow up! Here are ten amazing reasons why no one should ever become a boring adult.

8. "You're always out!"

"Always" is a strong word. Party girls are not "always" out. They're out when they feel like it. Mostly on the weekends... but not always!

9. "Girls who party are all sluts."

Ouuff, that's an offensive statement. Your mom probably used to party back in the days too, you know... Are you saying your mom is a slut?!?!

10. "You're going to regret this tomorrow morning."

I'll sleep until noon then. Boom! Problem solved.

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